Star DJ in Atharv'17 EDM Night

Soapy football

Soapy football is an inflatable pool game where football is played on an inflatable pool.. Soap water is used in the game and people play football on the pool

Human foosball

In this soccer style game each participant is strapped in and can only move left to right but not forward and backward. Human Foosball is a great activity for team building and can have up to 8 participants

Lazer Maze

A maze will be made of radium tapes and participants needs to cross that maze without touching the tapes


A game of participants which will be played in teams of 4

Poker Night

Poker night to be conducted by Adda 52. Whole event will be conducted by the team of Adda 52

Informals Night

A DJ to be conducted for all the participants on evening of Day 2


Haunted House

A haunted house for all ages will be made with the help of creative team. It will be an In- house event.


It is a thriller game where participant will be locked in a room and there will be clues in different forms to find the key. There would be a time limit of 15-25 min for each participant.

Whack the Sack

It’s an event taken from takeshi’s castle where one participant will sit on sacks made of foam with some wait in it. And the other person needs to maintain the balance on the sacks while the other one tries to remove them.

Obstacle Course

It will be a sort of ground challenge where participant needs to cross various hurdles to win the game.


Another event which will be conducted on an inflatable pool. A rotator will be placed in the middle and two poles made of polyester will be attached to it. Participants need to dodge the poles and need to sit on the place

Gladiator Duel

This event is conducted on an inflatable pool with two podiums attached to it. Participant will be given jousting poles and need to misbalance their opponent with the pole.

Fake wall Rappelling

A fake wall will be set up by rainbow adventures and the interested participants can take part in the event.

Bridge Ball

A Bridge will be constructed in between two buildings and there will be net below it. Participant will move on the bridge without falling down


This event consists of 10 dominoes on which participant need to walk and maintain a proper balance in order to reach to the other side

Antakshari/ Karaoke Evening

A group event of 2-4 hours consisting antakshari and karaoke between different colleges.


Indian Idol workshop

A workshop session on singing which will constitute of various videos and shows.

Spray painting Workshop

Workshop for participants to gain knowledge in painting.

The anonymous writer workshop