The Saga of Atharv’ 18 Begins!!

Its 5 AM-You wake up, feel a sudden rush of excitement and happiness as you realize its Day 0 of Atharv. You jump out of bed, brush and tidy yourself up and go for a stroll across the campus.
It is an unusual day, with whole of the 194 acre campus sprawling with people from all over India.

Strolling around, on one side you see people from the IPM community working hard to set up hoardings and banners for the multitude of events that make up Atharv, whereas on the other side there are people like me simply walking around, taking up photos and appreciating the beauty of the campus.

Later there is an atmosphere of confusion near the HRC as the participants are dazzled by the beauty of the campus and the vastness of the fest. This is sorted by the hospitality team, which arranges everything from accommodation to ensuring that participants feel comfortable during their stay here. You can see the excitement in the participants of the fest-they get a chance to experience the culture of an IIM for the next 3 days.

Atharv is indeed a unique fest- Each of the 360 IPM participants participate in one way or the another to manage such a large fest with a footfall of around 30,000.
This is what Atharv is-The largest undergraduate fest of central India and this year it is getting even better with Kapil Kanungo, Sapan Verma and International DJ Olly EsseĀ among others performing .

See you at Atharv!!

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