New Kids on the Block

Atharv is just around the corner, and we have more people help build this Rome. With the incoming batch, the team has strengthened and is working towards the grandest Atharv so far. Hear what the juniors have to say!

Neil Paliwal, 2018

The most anticipated thing for any college fresher is the college fest. This anticipation is then heightened by the constant boasting of the fest by our seniors, and further boasting of how they would be making it more grand and bigger this year.

Having known all of these things, my initial expectation with Atharv 2018 at IIM Indore was that, it would be like any other college fest. But, now that I have myself started doing some of the heavy work in the different departments of Atharv, I find myself taken aback. This is because I have been proved wrong!

There is a reason why there is so much excitement surrounding Atharv. There is a reason why it is known as the biggest fest in Central India. The reason is that, we have something for everyone here. There are so many things to do here that it makes people tempted to be a part, and we make sure that you are satisfied with the experience you leave with. Hence, we welcome you all to help us in making it more fun.”


Yashasvi Grover, 2018

Fun! Exciting! Enthralling!

These are some of the first few emotions that run through my mind when somebody mentions Atharv-the only undergrad fest of an IIM.

One of the few things about Atharv that surprised me was how a group of around 360 people manage such a big fest with a footfall of around 30,000 which I think is a fact every IPM student of IIM Indore is proud of.

Working for Atharv has made me more responsible, hardworking and most importantly satisfied.

Atharv for me is more than a fest-Atharv for me is an emotion. And as someone working towards this, I only hope that we leave you all with this emotion as well.”


Ilesh Tripathi, 2018

“The search for fests that the college of your dreams organises is one of the most frequent searches that a teen does before entering the college. Same was the case with me. Before joining IPM, I searched for the fests that we held. Among all the fests, I was most interested in and enthusiastic about Atharv.

After meeting and interacting with the seniors my anticipation further increased. All that was because Atharv is one of the biggest fests of central India, and rightly so. The fest is completely organised by IPM students themselves which makes it unique in itself.

The fest has all of fashion, fun, recreation and excitement along with tradition and finance events – something which is distinct and loved by all of IIM students. The most amazing fact about this fest is that all of the mesmerising events are organised within 3 days, which again hypes up the excitement regarding this fest. A fest that provides such a wide variety of events has to be crowned the most loved fest of central India. We will be waiting for you this Atharv.”

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