Listen up Campus Ambassadors!

September is in our door steps. So is the extravagant experience associated with it. The monochrome ticking of the clock is going to burst into the most colourful fest of all time, ‘The Atharv’. This time Atharv, the undergraduate fest of IIM Indore is back with it’s dragon and much fantastic theme ‘Traverse the Boulevard’. 

And as you all know , we have come a long way , from being an yet another college fest to the largest undergraduate fest on central idea. What is the reason for this mega success? The obvious answer is the participants. But a more structured reply would highlight ‘Campus Ambassadors’. The campus ambassador who acts as bridge between our fest and the students of his respective institution has always added reputation both to the representative and our fest in general.

The role of the Campus Ambassador is in ensuring active and effective participation for our fest. Also they are the conveyer of the messages and goodies for their crew. Putting it in short, you are the captain of your crew. Now the fair question, asked is ‘What do we get in return?’. The answer can’t be easily written or pictured. But we assure you a unique experience which provides an opportunity for you to be a leader in front. The bonus marks for this is added goodies and T-shirts. Still, what makes you so special is that you will be treated and will be as one among us.

If you are still not convinced, plod your dictionary for the word ‘Ambassador’ and you will know how important you are to us.


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