How we get the Party started: Culturals Part 1

It’s fun and festival time, and we are here with our Cultural Events! These exhilarating competitions are your destination for a variety of challenges and an adrenaline rush. Here’s a precise description of Atharv Cultural Events: Part I.


Event 1 of 10: Delirium: The Battle of Bands

One of the most popular and loved events of Atharv is Delirium. It sees amazing bands from all over the country performing for becoming the next sensation, and mesmerizing the audience. This is your chance to enchant all listeners into cheering your names out loud. So, roll up your sleeves, and get ready to rock!




Event 2 of 10: Halla Bol: The Street play Event

Act your part well, and make it a hit on the streets! Show us how much determined you are to speak up against social evils. Halla Bol is your opportunity to put your skills in dramatics to spread awareness and raise your voice. Vociferous voices and Eloquent ideas- got them, show them!


Event 3 of 10: iSO: The Photography Event

iSO is an opportunity for individuals to take their passion for photography to a platform where they can portray their proficiency in this special skill that they possess. Let your true colours shine through your photographs. Get ready to be framed!

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