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Atharv 2018 is proud to present Dr. Reddy’s Foundation (DRF) as our Social Cause partner. Set up in 1996 by Dr.Anji Reddy, the organization works towards assisting socially and economically vulnerable groups in leading a successful life. The not-for-profit organization’s prime focus is on education, livelihood, health and nutrition. Dr. Reddy’s Foundation works with children, youth, women and households across India with an aim to enable sustainable social impact at scale. To help fulfil their mission of empowering communities around the nation, Dr. Reddy’s Foundation inculcates the strategy of developing and testing innovative solutions to address adaptive social problems and using the power of partnerships to scale up impact.

The organisation prides itself in having a strong set of values which include:

  • Practice honesty and integrity under all situations
  • Strive to bring excellence in every aspect of work
  • Innovate constantly
  • Accept change and welcome new situations as a chance to learn and grow
  • Respect others and be sensitive to their diverse beliefs and cultures

Dr. Reddy’s Foundation is also strongly committed towards providing support for youth with disability. Despite the dramatic evolution in the skilling ecosystem, inclusivity for people with disability is still a major issue. To address this problem, Dr. Reddy’s Foundation’s GROW model assists disabled youth in gaining core employability skills. GROW PwD hubs are learning centres specially created to cater to the demands of people with disabilities. Here, trained professionals use tools such as sign language to help these young people gain employment. Some features of the GROW model (Dr. Reddy’s Foundation’s flagship program) include:

  • GROW is a 60 day full-time program which caters to persons with disabilities and is operational in 12 states and 20 locations, training about 2500 youth every year.
  • Dr. Reddy’s Foundation conducts a 40-day ToT program for trainers to ensure that they have the confidence and skills required to deal with youth.
  • Pre and post Competency Assessment of youth ensures positive results.
  • Youth are provided with detailed job descriptions to aid them in choosing the best career option.
  • Placement in jobs in leading sectors with average salary of INR 10,000 per month.
  • Training centres are accessible even to persons with severe disabilities.

Dr. Reddy’s Foundation has also won several accolades in various sectors, some of which include:

  • The Economic Times – Corporate Citizen of the year 2008
    • The American India Foundation (AIF) on 11th May, 2009 honoured Chairman, Dr. K Anji Reddy with the prestigious AIF – Annual Spring award
    • The ICICI Foundation & CNBC TV 18’s – Inclusive India award 2012
    • The India shining CSR award 2012
    • Radisson Blue CSR award 2013
    • ABP CSR Leadership award -2016 for promoting employment of Persons with Disability
    • Department for welfare of disabled and senior citizens, Government of Telangana – State award for empowerment of Persons with disabilities 2015

Given the overwhelmingly positive response from the public, Dr. Reddy’s Foundation is not willing to rest on its laurels. Rather, the organization aims to continue working for the disabled by implementing certain strategies, which include:

  • Intensify the campaign and sensitization program in order to cover at least 500 new employers in the next three years.
    • Expand the training program to other forms of Disability as included in the new Persons with Disability act 2016.
    • Setting up Specialized training centres in strategic locations to accommodate Persons with Visual impairment.
    • Conduct a national level research to understand the current status of employment among Persons with Disability in India.
    • Initiate customized and specialized training to Persons with disability having technical and professional degrees to place them in higher end employment.


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