DAY-3: Wrapping up in Style.

The final day of Atharv. YAY!! It’s finally over, now I can finally sleep. It gives me immense pleasure to announce all the events are finally over, with ZERO casualties! (JK, we never had any deaths ever…or did we?)

In the ManLit events of the day, I’d like to sum it up by saying “Man that shit was Lit”, see what I did there? (It’s not funny if I must explain it!) All events ended, Yes!! That includes IV too! and the winners did fill a ‘winner details form’ that makes sure that the winners will be paid their due winning amounts. (Like that’s a binding agreement! Ha!)

The IV motions of the day were “THW no longer pursue states who attempt to develop nuclear weapons” and the core adj-es wanted to do a joke motion, but man’s greatest enemy came in the way, TIME!! They had to leave early cause someone, not taking any names, was in a hurry to send them away.


Pragnya; Just mentioning IIM didn’t do any sort of foul play here, but the winning team won with a lead of 1240 points, just to put it into perspective, the last team had a total of -40. Oh, and the winning team was the home team, if you hadn’t already figured that out. I have been explicitly asked to mention that this was no regular quiz but a ‘BUSINESS’ quiz. Like that makes so much of a difference?!

GoS; It might be possible the blog is read by some important people, cause mentioning that the event was the reason of people’s sleep deficit, hit some soft spots, cause today the event finale was kept from 3pm. You’re welcome all GoS participants! The finale was some intricate card game quite hard to explain in words.

Vendition Vendetta: If you ever wanted to visit a market place where they would convince you to buy absolutely ridiculous shit made by participants with weird raw materials auctioned off beforehand, you just missed it. It sounds kinda confusing, but the event turned out to be weirdly good! There were Chaos, there was Mayhem! The perfect recipe for a fun event.

The day came to a grand end with Arjun Kanungo performing at the Live Music Night at Atharv 2018 on September 9. The young music sensation crooned to his popular hits and songs from other artists too, thereby ending the saga of Atharv’18!

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