DAY-2: An Elegant Experience!!

With DAY-1 standing up to its expectations and the participants set to make the most of the DAY-2 of ATHARV-’18, loads of other events were organized throughout the mesmerizing 194-acre campus all with the same purpose – to blow their minds away.

Among the informals, the newest in the line was KNOCKDOWN, with a long stick at the center swirling, the participants had a hard time jumping and avoiding contact with the stick. Those who managed to jump and time their jump had advantage over their fellows and looked ridiculously funny doing so.

Next came the ZORB-BALL. The mere spectacle of players flipping and rolling in the field and they themselves and the audience having a barrel of laughs was the essence of the game. This did tire out the players but didn’t seem to dishearten them, probably because we had International DJ Olly Esse waiting to perform in the EDM night! (Pretty cool, right?)

These were followed by other games including SOAPY FOOTBALL, PAINTBALL and BUNGEE RUN.  (All are exactly what they sound like)

Among the ‘Management & Literary’ events of the day, we had,

Devil’s Advocate, (no not like the movie) the longest event of the day working with a constitution that might have been prepared by Satan himself (again no reference to the movie) sounds like a hectic event but the participants seemed to completely ignore that fact as they made their cases while abiding by an inverted constitution. Some of these participants would make REALLY great lawyers for the not-so-decent people out of there (Criminals, I mean Criminals!)

Imperium, the case study event, with the largest prize-pool of 70k (this blog tells you the important stuff only), tested the comprehensive management skills of the participants and the evaluation seems to prove the students CAN indeed “apply what they’re learning” (i.e. not wasting their college fees)

IV, the flagship event of Atharv, saw a huge surge of emotions on its day2, when the Chief Adjudicators decided to prank the participants by introducing a motion, “TH (being Naruto) W choose to espouse the principles of ‘Ansüwałêiian life’”, before declaring the REAL motion, ‘THW provide automatic asylum to women from countries that doesn’t respect women’s rights’ which was followed by announcing the 8 teams that qualified for tomorrow’s semi’s and finals. (Yes there were some tears too!)

THW prefer to live in Earth 2.0!

Clash of Cults, the saddest thing about these words was the lack of any physical clashes (JK, or am I? JK!); with a great quizmaster presiding over, the event escalated to something much more than a mere pop quiz with a great participating audience and some REALLY smart questions (not promoting the quizmaster but his name is Arvind, from Xquizit)!

Chaitanya, now, this is a really new event supposed to be about self-growth and finding yourself, but let’s get to the most important part, they tried to recreate the Burning-Man Festival, by creating a structure out of balloons, by working VERY VERY hard, and then popped each balloon (cause that’s the most logical choice), but is there a deeper meaning behind this? Don’t ask your Philosophy teacher about it!

Game of Shadows, the game theory event sounds like something mysteriously good and exclusive, and yes it was with only 10 out of 200 people qualifying for the finals to be held tomorrow. Let me tell you something, if you want me to gamble ‘fake money’ for ‘telecom licenses’ after midnight (GoS runs from 12-4 am) you’re testing my patience and ability to work in sleep deficit and not my skills in game theory.

Other Major events like Avant Garde, HeadHunter, E-Conjecture ended today and all you need to know (only if you’ve read the previous post) is the people who won the events will be awarded with the prize money, soon! (JK, they’ve already been paid, probably…or have they?)

All of this, was followed by, or rather is being followed by the much awaited EDM Night y the DJ Ollie Esse, right here at Planet-I, which will conclude the happenings of DAY-2, as we look forward to the finale  of Atharv’18! (Too Much?)

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