Atharv 18′: A Bang on Beginning!!

The curtains rolled down for the 5th edition of central India’s largest cultural and management fest, “ATHARV”. The grand event attracts viewers from all over the nation who come to experience the 3 best days of their life. The inauguration of the grand event started. The inauguration lamp of Atharv were lit by the director of IIM Indore Dr Rishikesh T Krishnan, the IPM chairman Dr G Venkat Raman and the chief guest along-with the Atharv Fest Coordinators. The event is powered by Nestle, CO-sponsored by CHALO in association with YASH Technologies.

With a zestful head-start, people go on to showcase their talents in the best platform.

Vanity, the event which recognizes beauty, confidence and personality has opened its gates. Adorable ladies and handsome gentlemen ramp walk and conquer the stage with full fervor. All of them cast their highest clouds of talents, with the dream of grabbing the title hovering around in their thoughts. The prelims ended with the home team performing.

With beauty and tranquility on one side, Atharv did not lack its stand in stentorian shows. Halla Bol, the event where unity and loudness the vital elements of the teams bring out the deep causes and reasons some of them being child abuse, drug addiction etc. The prelims ended pushing 6 teams out of 10 teams to the finals tomorrow.

Crescendo, the best time for the passionate musicians to give out the purest form of music to the audience was conducted. The event had no bars for neither journals nor languages. The auditorium was lifted to its heights of pleasure with music flowing harmoniously from the instruments and vocals.

So you wanted to know why to come to Atharv’18, central India’s largest …..(you’ve heard a lot of that I’m sure), but let me tell you the management and literary happenings of the day.

Avant Garde, the B-plan event, sponsored by Start-Up India, faced one of the highest number of participants, but the 50k -prize amount with winner takes all COULD have been a great incentiveThe judges Anu Gupta & Gagan Gupta seemed very pleased with the “near perfect organization” and appreciated the quality of competition and went as far as to say the event ended up being a bigger success than they were anticipating.

HeadHunter, the HR event where participants analyzed HR Crisis situations using their “Hawk’s Eye” and got to “Hire&Fire” ‘Fictitious’ employees based on their profiles, while being judged on their rationality & clarity by Payal Jain and Kinshuk Chhabra, from Yash Tech.

E-Conjecture, (the E doesn’t stand for electronic) an economics-based simulation event with the aim of portfolio optimization (a mouthful, isn’t it?) ‘brought to you by’ Times Groupsaw a lot of dynamic interaction with participants enthusiastically trading resources, basically like a more civilized ‘resource-market!’

IV, the British Parliamentary Debate, witnessed a successful and efficient completion of two of its preliminary rounds, encouraging some great food for thought with its motions.

Day1 of the management and literary fest ended with a bang, (not a literal one) and we look forward to a great day2 of Central India’s largest Cultural and Management fest (Trust me they make me write this over and over again!!)

Well talking about the informal events have begun at the biggest fest of central India – ATHARV-’18. With Day-1 of the fest being a bit rainy and windy- the spirit of the campus pumped up with trees singing along the songs  successful along with the kick-start of umpteen enthralling events including Paintball, Soapy Football and Archery. Even after these events wrapped up, the winners, all the fun loving participants and the spectators were equally happy- all because of the atmosphere at PLANET-I-full of excitement, happiness and among them all the anticipation of the next 48 hours.

In the evening we were finally able to witness the performance we were all dying to laugh in, i.e. the comedy night by one of India’s most famous comedians, Sapan Verma of EIC fame.

Day 1 of ATHARV has ended leaving the participants and audience with hills of curiosity to open the surprise box of Day 2, and we cannot wait till the International DJ Olly Esse, mesmerizes us tomorrow.

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