We’re Back!

Greetings from Team Atharv!

It’s been almost a year since Rahul Subramanian tickled our bones and Teri Meko and Zayden got us on the dance floor. A year since we witnessed the largest fest in central india come to life. Now, the gears have started turning, we’re only getting warmed up. Get ready for the next edition of Atharv!

Over the years, since it was begun in 2014, we have strived for nothing but improvement. Be it introducing new events or pulling of interesting themes, we’ve tried to make this an experience to remember for all our participants. This year, we hope for nothing else.

This year, we’ve not only introduced some exciting events, but we’ve also taken a new turn. Coming straight to the streets, Atharv this year aims to celebrate street cultures of various places. Be it the music of New York or the chaats of Mumbai, Atharv’18 is ready to paint you in the colour of your choice!

From ManLit to Cultural events, be ready to expect a tough fight this year. A fest that pulled off a footfall of over 30k, is now going to get bigger and better. This year, come join us for a newer and a more exhilarating experience.

Stay tuned for a sneak peek into Atharv’18!

We can’t wait to have you!