DAY-3: Wrapping up in Style.

The final day of Atharv. YAY!! It’s finally over, now I can finally sleep. It gives me immense pleasure to announce all the events are finally over, with ZERO casualties! (JK, we never had any deaths ever…or did we?)

In the ManLit events of the day, I’d like to sum it up by saying “Man that shit was Lit”, see what I did there? (It’s not funny if I must explain it!) All events ended, Yes!! That includes IV too! and the winners did fill a ‘winner details form’ that makes sure that the winners will be paid their due winning amounts. (Like that’s a binding agreement! Ha!)

The IV motions of the day were “THW no longer pursue states who attempt to develop nuclear weapons” and the core adj-es wanted to do a joke motion, but man’s greatest enemy came in the way, TIME!! They had to leave early cause someone, not taking any names, was in a hurry to send them away.


Pragnya; Just mentioning IIM didn’t do any sort of foul play here, but the winning team won with a lead of 1240 points, just to put it into perspective, the last team had a total of -40. Oh, and the winning team was the home team, if you hadn’t already figured that out. I have been explicitly asked to mention that this was no regular quiz but a ‘BUSINESS’ quiz. Like that makes so much of a difference?!

GoS; It might be possible the blog is read by some important people, cause mentioning that the event was the reason of people’s sleep deficit, hit some soft spots, cause today the event finale was kept from 3pm. You’re welcome all GoS participants! The finale was some intricate card game quite hard to explain in words.

Vendition Vendetta: If you ever wanted to visit a market place where they would convince you to buy absolutely ridiculous shit made by participants with weird raw materials auctioned off beforehand, you just missed it. It sounds kinda confusing, but the event turned out to be weirdly good! There were Chaos, there was Mayhem! The perfect recipe for a fun event.

The day came to a grand end with Arjun Kanungo performing at the Live Music Night at Atharv 2018 on September 9. The young music sensation crooned to his popular hits and songs from other artists too, thereby ending the saga of Atharv’18!

DAY-2: An Elegant Experience!!

With DAY-1 standing up to its expectations and the participants set to make the most of the DAY-2 of ATHARV-’18, loads of other events were organized throughout the mesmerizing 194-acre campus all with the same purpose – to blow their minds away.

Among the informals, the newest in the line was KNOCKDOWN, with a long stick at the center swirling, the participants had a hard time jumping and avoiding contact with the stick. Those who managed to jump and time their jump had advantage over their fellows and looked ridiculously funny doing so.

Next came the ZORB-BALL. The mere spectacle of players flipping and rolling in the field and they themselves and the audience having a barrel of laughs was the essence of the game. This did tire out the players but didn’t seem to dishearten them, probably because we had International DJ Olly Esse waiting to perform in the EDM night! (Pretty cool, right?)

These were followed by other games including SOAPY FOOTBALL, PAINTBALL and BUNGEE RUN.  (All are exactly what they sound like)

Among the ‘Management & Literary’ events of the day, we had,

Devil’s Advocate, (no not like the movie) the longest event of the day working with a constitution that might have been prepared by Satan himself (again no reference to the movie) sounds like a hectic event but the participants seemed to completely ignore that fact as they made their cases while abiding by an inverted constitution. Some of these participants would make REALLY great lawyers for the not-so-decent people out of there (Criminals, I mean Criminals!)

Imperium, the case study event, with the largest prize-pool of 70k (this blog tells you the important stuff only), tested the comprehensive management skills of the participants and the evaluation seems to prove the students CAN indeed “apply what they’re learning” (i.e. not wasting their college fees)

IV, the flagship event of Atharv, saw a huge surge of emotions on its day2, when the Chief Adjudicators decided to prank the participants by introducing a motion, “TH (being Naruto) W choose to espouse the principles of ‘Ansüwałêiian life’”, before declaring the REAL motion, ‘THW provide automatic asylum to women from countries that doesn’t respect women’s rights’ which was followed by announcing the 8 teams that qualified for tomorrow’s semi’s and finals. (Yes there were some tears too!)

THW prefer to live in Earth 2.0!

Clash of Cults, the saddest thing about these words was the lack of any physical clashes (JK, or am I? JK!); with a great quizmaster presiding over, the event escalated to something much more than a mere pop quiz with a great participating audience and some REALLY smart questions (not promoting the quizmaster but his name is Arvind, from Xquizit)!

Chaitanya, now, this is a really new event supposed to be about self-growth and finding yourself, but let’s get to the most important part, they tried to recreate the Burning-Man Festival, by creating a structure out of balloons, by working VERY VERY hard, and then popped each balloon (cause that’s the most logical choice), but is there a deeper meaning behind this? Don’t ask your Philosophy teacher about it!

Game of Shadows, the game theory event sounds like something mysteriously good and exclusive, and yes it was with only 10 out of 200 people qualifying for the finals to be held tomorrow. Let me tell you something, if you want me to gamble ‘fake money’ for ‘telecom licenses’ after midnight (GoS runs from 12-4 am) you’re testing my patience and ability to work in sleep deficit and not my skills in game theory.

Other Major events like Avant Garde, HeadHunter, E-Conjecture ended today and all you need to know (only if you’ve read the previous post) is the people who won the events will be awarded with the prize money, soon! (JK, they’ve already been paid, probably…or have they?)

All of this, was followed by, or rather is being followed by the much awaited EDM Night y the DJ Ollie Esse, right here at Planet-I, which will conclude the happenings of DAY-2, as we look forward to the finale  of Atharv’18! (Too Much?)

Atharv 18′: A Bang on Beginning!!

The curtains rolled down for the 5th edition of central India’s largest cultural and management fest, “ATHARV”. The grand event attracts viewers from all over the nation who come to experience the 3 best days of their life. The inauguration of the grand event started. The inauguration lamp of Atharv were lit by the director of IIM Indore Dr Rishikesh T Krishnan, the IPM chairman Dr G Venkat Raman and the chief guest along-with the Atharv Fest Coordinators. The event is powered by Nestle, CO-sponsored by CHALO in association with YASH Technologies.

With a zestful head-start, people go on to showcase their talents in the best platform.

Vanity, the event which recognizes beauty, confidence and personality has opened its gates. Adorable ladies and handsome gentlemen ramp walk and conquer the stage with full fervor. All of them cast their highest clouds of talents, with the dream of grabbing the title hovering around in their thoughts. The prelims ended with the home team performing.

With beauty and tranquility on one side, Atharv did not lack its stand in stentorian shows. Halla Bol, the event where unity and loudness the vital elements of the teams bring out the deep causes and reasons some of them being child abuse, drug addiction etc. The prelims ended pushing 6 teams out of 10 teams to the finals tomorrow.

Crescendo, the best time for the passionate musicians to give out the purest form of music to the audience was conducted. The event had no bars for neither journals nor languages. The auditorium was lifted to its heights of pleasure with music flowing harmoniously from the instruments and vocals.

So you wanted to know why to come to Atharv’18, central India’s largest …..(you’ve heard a lot of that I’m sure), but let me tell you the management and literary happenings of the day.

Avant Garde, the B-plan event, sponsored by Start-Up India, faced one of the highest number of participants, but the 50k -prize amount with winner takes all COULD have been a great incentiveThe judges Anu Gupta & Gagan Gupta seemed very pleased with the “near perfect organization” and appreciated the quality of competition and went as far as to say the event ended up being a bigger success than they were anticipating.

HeadHunter, the HR event where participants analyzed HR Crisis situations using their “Hawk’s Eye” and got to “Hire&Fire” ‘Fictitious’ employees based on their profiles, while being judged on their rationality & clarity by Payal Jain and Kinshuk Chhabra, from Yash Tech.

E-Conjecture, (the E doesn’t stand for electronic) an economics-based simulation event with the aim of portfolio optimization (a mouthful, isn’t it?) ‘brought to you by’ Times Groupsaw a lot of dynamic interaction with participants enthusiastically trading resources, basically like a more civilized ‘resource-market!’

IV, the British Parliamentary Debate, witnessed a successful and efficient completion of two of its preliminary rounds, encouraging some great food for thought with its motions.

Day1 of the management and literary fest ended with a bang, (not a literal one) and we look forward to a great day2 of Central India’s largest Cultural and Management fest (Trust me they make me write this over and over again!!)

Well talking about the informal events have begun at the biggest fest of central India – ATHARV-’18. With Day-1 of the fest being a bit rainy and windy- the spirit of the campus pumped up with trees singing along the songs  successful along with the kick-start of umpteen enthralling events including Paintball, Soapy Football and Archery. Even after these events wrapped up, the winners, all the fun loving participants and the spectators were equally happy- all because of the atmosphere at PLANET-I-full of excitement, happiness and among them all the anticipation of the next 48 hours.

In the evening we were finally able to witness the performance we were all dying to laugh in, i.e. the comedy night by one of India’s most famous comedians, Sapan Verma of EIC fame.

Day 1 of ATHARV has ended leaving the participants and audience with hills of curiosity to open the surprise box of Day 2, and we cannot wait till the International DJ Olly Esse, mesmerizes us tomorrow.

Dr Reddy’s Foundation | Social Cause Partner

Atharv 2018 is proud to present Dr. Reddy’s Foundation (DRF) as our Social Cause partner. Set up in 1996 by Dr.Anji Reddy, the organization works towards assisting socially and economically vulnerable groups in leading a successful life. The not-for-profit organization’s prime focus is on education, livelihood, health and nutrition. Dr. Reddy’s Foundation works with children, youth, women and households across India with an aim to enable sustainable social impact at scale. To help fulfil their mission of empowering communities around the nation, Dr. Reddy’s Foundation inculcates the strategy of developing and testing innovative solutions to address adaptive social problems and using the power of partnerships to scale up impact.

The organisation prides itself in having a strong set of values which include:

  • Practice honesty and integrity under all situations
  • Strive to bring excellence in every aspect of work
  • Innovate constantly
  • Accept change and welcome new situations as a chance to learn and grow
  • Respect others and be sensitive to their diverse beliefs and cultures

Dr. Reddy’s Foundation is also strongly committed towards providing support for youth with disability. Despite the dramatic evolution in the skilling ecosystem, inclusivity for people with disability is still a major issue. To address this problem, Dr. Reddy’s Foundation’s GROW model assists disabled youth in gaining core employability skills. GROW PwD hubs are learning centres specially created to cater to the demands of people with disabilities. Here, trained professionals use tools such as sign language to help these young people gain employment. Some features of the GROW model (Dr. Reddy’s Foundation’s flagship program) include:

  • GROW is a 60 day full-time program which caters to persons with disabilities and is operational in 12 states and 20 locations, training about 2500 youth every year.
  • Dr. Reddy’s Foundation conducts a 40-day ToT program for trainers to ensure that they have the confidence and skills required to deal with youth.
  • Pre and post Competency Assessment of youth ensures positive results.
  • Youth are provided with detailed job descriptions to aid them in choosing the best career option.
  • Placement in jobs in leading sectors with average salary of INR 10,000 per month.
  • Training centres are accessible even to persons with severe disabilities.

Dr. Reddy’s Foundation has also won several accolades in various sectors, some of which include:

  • The Economic Times – Corporate Citizen of the year 2008
    • The American India Foundation (AIF) on 11th May, 2009 honoured Chairman, Dr. K Anji Reddy with the prestigious AIF – Annual Spring award
    • The ICICI Foundation & CNBC TV 18’s – Inclusive India award 2012
    • The India shining CSR award 2012
    • Radisson Blue CSR award 2013
    • ABP CSR Leadership award -2016 for promoting employment of Persons with Disability
    • Department for welfare of disabled and senior citizens, Government of Telangana – State award for empowerment of Persons with disabilities 2015

Given the overwhelmingly positive response from the public, Dr. Reddy’s Foundation is not willing to rest on its laurels. Rather, the organization aims to continue working for the disabled by implementing certain strategies, which include:

  • Intensify the campaign and sensitization program in order to cover at least 500 new employers in the next three years.
    • Expand the training program to other forms of Disability as included in the new Persons with Disability act 2016.
    • Setting up Specialized training centres in strategic locations to accommodate Persons with Visual impairment.
    • Conduct a national level research to understand the current status of employment among Persons with Disability in India.
    • Initiate customized and specialized training to Persons with disability having technical and professional degrees to place them in higher end employment.


The Saga of Atharv’ 18 Begins!!

Its 5 AM-You wake up, feel a sudden rush of excitement and happiness as you realize its Day 0 of Atharv. You jump out of bed, brush and tidy yourself up and go for a stroll across the campus.
It is an unusual day, with whole of the 194 acre campus sprawling with people from all over India.

Strolling around, on one side you see people from the IPM community working hard to set up hoardings and banners for the multitude of events that make up Atharv, whereas on the other side there are people like me simply walking around, taking up photos and appreciating the beauty of the campus.

Later there is an atmosphere of confusion near the HRC as the participants are dazzled by the beauty of the campus and the vastness of the fest. This is sorted by the hospitality team, which arranges everything from accommodation to ensuring that participants feel comfortable during their stay here. You can see the excitement in the participants of the fest-they get a chance to experience the culture of an IIM for the next 3 days.

Atharv is indeed a unique fest- Each of the 360 IPM participants participate in one way or the another to manage such a large fest with a footfall of around 30,000.
This is what Atharv is-The largest undergraduate fest of central India and this year it is getting even better with Kapil Kanungo, Sapan Verma and International DJ Olly Esse among others performing .

See you at Atharv!!

New Kids on the Block

Atharv is just around the corner, and we have more people help build this Rome. With the incoming batch, the team has strengthened and is working towards the grandest Atharv so far. Hear what the juniors have to say!

Neil Paliwal, 2018

The most anticipated thing for any college fresher is the college fest. This anticipation is then heightened by the constant boasting of the fest by our seniors, and further boasting of how they would be making it more grand and bigger this year.

Having known all of these things, my initial expectation with Atharv 2018 at IIM Indore was that, it would be like any other college fest. But, now that I have myself started doing some of the heavy work in the different departments of Atharv, I find myself taken aback. This is because I have been proved wrong!

There is a reason why there is so much excitement surrounding Atharv. There is a reason why it is known as the biggest fest in Central India. The reason is that, we have something for everyone here. There are so many things to do here that it makes people tempted to be a part, and we make sure that you are satisfied with the experience you leave with. Hence, we welcome you all to help us in making it more fun.”


Yashasvi Grover, 2018

Fun! Exciting! Enthralling!

These are some of the first few emotions that run through my mind when somebody mentions Atharv-the only undergrad fest of an IIM.

One of the few things about Atharv that surprised me was how a group of around 360 people manage such a big fest with a footfall of around 30,000 which I think is a fact every IPM student of IIM Indore is proud of.

Working for Atharv has made me more responsible, hardworking and most importantly satisfied.

Atharv for me is more than a fest-Atharv for me is an emotion. And as someone working towards this, I only hope that we leave you all with this emotion as well.”


Ilesh Tripathi, 2018

“The search for fests that the college of your dreams organises is one of the most frequent searches that a teen does before entering the college. Same was the case with me. Before joining IPM, I searched for the fests that we held. Among all the fests, I was most interested in and enthusiastic about Atharv.

After meeting and interacting with the seniors my anticipation further increased. All that was because Atharv is one of the biggest fests of central India, and rightly so. The fest is completely organised by IPM students themselves which makes it unique in itself.

The fest has all of fashion, fun, recreation and excitement along with tradition and finance events – something which is distinct and loved by all of IIM students. The most amazing fact about this fest is that all of the mesmerising events are organised within 3 days, which again hypes up the excitement regarding this fest. A fest that provides such a wide variety of events has to be crowned the most loved fest of central India. We will be waiting for you this Atharv.”

Atharv invites School Going Children!

Talk about indigenous and skilful competition conducted in Atharv, the one that always stands out is Pi quiz. Unlike all other events PI-quiz is specially custom made circulating the needs of school students. It is a competition which tests the logical, reasoning and the analytical abilities of a student to their earnest potential. In a crux it is a competition of deep etched irrationality.

Pi-quiz is a pan India competition which aimed at students from different schools all over India. It includes two rounds, the former a written test and the latter puts the top 30 in the fray with leading minds of the country, in our flagship event Game of Shadows. The perks for this includes hands on interaction with professors and top minds of IIM. Also prizes worth 35,000, other merchandise and hampers is up for the grab. Last but not the least, it gives the budding minds of our country a direct access to the wardrobe of the future leading minds of the country. Thus it enunciates them to take a leading role in the utmost all aspects of their life.

The registration for this might be through partner schools or through open registration, for the lone wolfs who want to take a hand in this challenging event. And for those, the online portals will be out soon in the website. So stay updated!




Listen up Campus Ambassadors!

September is in our door steps. So is the extravagant experience associated with it. The monochrome ticking of the clock is going to burst into the most colourful fest of all time, ‘The Atharv’. This time Atharv, the undergraduate fest of IIM Indore is back with it’s dragon and much fantastic theme ‘Traverse the Boulevard’. 

And as you all know , we have come a long way , from being an yet another college fest to the largest undergraduate fest on central idea. What is the reason for this mega success? The obvious answer is the participants. But a more structured reply would highlight ‘Campus Ambassadors’. The campus ambassador who acts as bridge between our fest and the students of his respective institution has always added reputation both to the representative and our fest in general.

The role of the Campus Ambassador is in ensuring active and effective participation for our fest. Also they are the conveyer of the messages and goodies for their crew. Putting it in short, you are the captain of your crew. Now the fair question, asked is ‘What do we get in return?’. The answer can’t be easily written or pictured. But we assure you a unique experience which provides an opportunity for you to be a leader in front. The bonus marks for this is added goodies and T-shirts. Still, what makes you so special is that you will be treated and will be as one among us.

If you are still not convinced, plod your dictionary for the word ‘Ambassador’ and you will know how important you are to us.


How we get the Party started: Culturals Part 1

It’s fun and festival time, and we are here with our Cultural Events! These exhilarating competitions are your destination for a variety of challenges and an adrenaline rush. Here’s a precise description of Atharv Cultural Events: Part I.


Event 1 of 10: Delirium: The Battle of Bands

One of the most popular and loved events of Atharv is Delirium. It sees amazing bands from all over the country performing for becoming the next sensation, and mesmerizing the audience. This is your chance to enchant all listeners into cheering your names out loud. So, roll up your sleeves, and get ready to rock!




Event 2 of 10: Halla Bol: The Street play Event

Act your part well, and make it a hit on the streets! Show us how much determined you are to speak up against social evils. Halla Bol is your opportunity to put your skills in dramatics to spread awareness and raise your voice. Vociferous voices and Eloquent ideas- got them, show them!


Event 3 of 10: iSO: The Photography Event

iSO is an opportunity for individuals to take their passion for photography to a platform where they can portray their proficiency in this special skill that they possess. Let your true colours shine through your photographs. Get ready to be framed!

An Intro to the Events that make Atharv: Man-Lit Part I

Atharv returns to you with much fanfare this September, and in case you needed any further reasons to join the extravaganza, we will be posting a listed description of the various events that make Atharv what it is. We begin with Events Management-Literary for this while and would continue the same with other events. Here’s a spirited guide to Atharv Events: Man-Lit Part 1.

  • Event 1 of 11: “Avant Garde: The B-Plan Compt.”One of the flagship events, Avant Garde, is the B-Plan Competition which serves as a platform that can give your start-up idea scrutiny from experts, valuable feedback from experienced judges and also funds to meet execution. So to all the Mark Zuckerbergs, the Sachin and Binny Bansals of the world, join us at Atharv’18 with Avant Garde and set your mark as an entrepreneur.

For more details visit:

Registration Link:

  • Event 2 of 11:  “Pragnya: The Biz Quiz.”What’s a college fest without the exhilaration, enthusiasm, and geekiness of quizzers and what’s a B-School fest without a Business Quiz? Get ready to be challenged with the buzz of the Biz as you face Quizzing Enthusiasts, Knowledge & Trivia Geeks and B-School students at Pragnya: The Biz Quiz @Atharv’18.

For more details visit:

Registration Link: To be Updated Soon.

  • Event 3 of 11: “Vendition Vendetta: Marketing & Sales Communication.”

Sell me this pen? Okay, maybe you’ve done this already. The pen doesn’t work. Sell me this not working pen again?! Prove your mettle as the new age Jordan Belfort in Vendition Vendetta, the marketing event of Atharv’18. Pitch, design your strategies and sell in the most creative, feasible and unique way.

For more details visit:

Registration Link: To be Updated Soon.

  • Event 4 of 11: “Chaitanya: The Leadership Event.”Not your Regular management event, Chaitanya, Atharv’s leadership event is looking for a new tribe of lateral, independent and proactive thinkers. Ever felt like a misfit, felt like not conforming to the world’s staunch rules and multiplicities this event is for you. Prove your mettle as an out of the box thinker, as we challenge you, your beliefs and ideas, helping you evolve into leaders.

For more details visit:

Registration Link: To be Updated Soon.

Hrishikesh Kayshap
Team Atharv

To be continued.