Atharv invites School GOing Children!

Talk about indigenous and skilful competition conducted in Atharv, the one that always stands out is Pi quiz. Unlike all other events PI-quiz is specially custom made circulating the needs of school students. It is a competition which tests the logical, reasoning and the analytical abilities of a student to their earnest potential. In a crux it is a competition of deep etched irrationality.

Pi-quiz is a pan India competition which aimed at students from different schools all over India. It includes two rounds, the former a written test and the latter puts the top 30 in the fray with leading minds of the country, in our flagship event Game of Shadows. The perks for this includes hands on interaction with professors and top minds of IIM. Also prizes worth 35,000, other merchandise and hampers is up for the grab. Last but not the least, it gives the budding minds of our country a direct access to the wardrobe of the future leading minds of the country. Thus it enunciates them to take a leading role in the utmost all aspects of their life.

The registration for this might be through partner schools or through open registration, for the lone wolfs who want to take a hand in this challenging event. And for those, the online portals will be out soon in the website. So stay updated!




Listen up Campus Ambassadors!

September is in our door steps. So is the extravagant experience associated with it. The monochrome ticking of the clock is going to burst into the most colourful fest of all time, ‘The Atharv’. This time Atharv, the undergraduate fest of IIM Indore is back with it’s dragon and much fantastic theme ‘Traverse the Boulevard’. 

And as you all know , we have come a long way , from being an yet another college fest to the largest undergraduate fest on central idea. What is the reason for this mega success? The obvious answer is the participants. But a more structured reply would highlight ‘Campus Ambassadors’. The campus ambassador who acts as bridge between our fest and the students of his respective institution has always added reputation both to the representative and our fest in general.

The role of the Campus Ambassador is in ensuring active and effective participation for our fest. Also they are the conveyer of the messages and goodies for their crew. Putting it in short, you are the captain of your crew. Now the fair question, asked is ‘What do we get in return?’. The answer can’t be easily written or pictured. But we assure you a unique experience which provides an opportunity for you to be a leader in front. The bonus marks for this is added goodies and T-shirts. Still, what makes you so special is that you will be treated and will be as one among us.

If you are still not convinced, plod your dictionary for the word ‘Ambassador’ and you will know how important you are to us.


How we get the Party started: Culturals Part 1

It’s fun and festival time, and we are here with our Cultural Events! These exhilarating competitions are your destination for a variety of challenges and an adrenaline rush. Here’s a precise description of Atharv Cultural Events: Part I.


Event 1 of 10: Delirium: The Battle of Bands

One of the most popular and loved events of Atharv is Delirium. It sees amazing bands from all over the country performing for becoming the next sensation, and mesmerizing the audience. This is your chance to enchant all listeners into cheering your names out loud. So, roll up your sleeves, and get ready to rock!




Event 2 of 10: Halla Bol: The Street play Event

Act your part well, and make it a hit on the streets! Show us how much determined you are to speak up against social evils. Halla Bol is your opportunity to put your skills in dramatics to spread awareness and raise your voice. Vociferous voices and Eloquent ideas- got them, show them!


Event 3 of 10: iSO: The Photography Event

iSO is an opportunity for individuals to take their passion for photography to a platform where they can portray their proficiency in this special skill that they possess. Let your true colours shine through your photographs. Get ready to be framed!

An Intro to the Events that make Atharv: Man-Lit Part I

Atharv returns to you with much fanfare this September, and in case you needed any further reasons to join the extravaganza, we will be posting a listed description of the various events that make Atharv what it is. We begin with Events Management-Literary for this while and would continue the same with other events. Here’s a spirited guide to Atharv Events: Man-Lit Part 1.

  • Event 1 of 11: “Avant Garde: The B-Plan Compt.”One of the flagship events, Avant Garde, is the B-Plan Competition which serves as a platform that can give your start-up idea scrutiny from experts, valuable feedback from experienced judges and also funds to meet execution. So to all the Mark Zuckerbergs, the Sachin and Binny Bansals of the world, join us at Atharv’18 with Avant Garde and set your mark as an entrepreneur.

For more details visit:

Registration Link:

  • Event 2 of 11:  “Pragnya: The Biz Quiz.”What’s a college fest without the exhilaration, enthusiasm, and geekiness of quizzers and what’s a B-School fest without a Business Quiz? Get ready to be challenged with the buzz of the Biz as you face Quizzing Enthusiasts, Knowledge & Trivia Geeks and B-School students at Pragnya: The Biz Quiz @Atharv’18.

For more details visit:

Registration Link: To be Updated Soon.

  • Event 3 of 11: “Vendition Vendetta: Marketing & Sales Communication.”

Sell me this pen? Okay, maybe you’ve done this already. The pen doesn’t work. Sell me this not working pen again?! Prove your mettle as the new age Jordan Belfort in Vendition Vendetta, the marketing event of Atharv’18. Pitch, design your strategies and sell in the most creative, feasible and unique way.

For more details visit:

Registration Link: To be Updated Soon.

  • Event 4 of 11: “Chaitanya: The Leadership Event.”Not your Regular management event, Chaitanya, Atharv’s leadership event is looking for a new tribe of lateral, independent and proactive thinkers. Ever felt like a misfit, felt like not conforming to the world’s staunch rules and multiplicities this event is for you. Prove your mettle as an out of the box thinker, as we challenge you, your beliefs and ideas, helping you evolve into leaders.

For more details visit:

Registration Link: To be Updated Soon.

Hrishikesh Kayshap
Team Atharv

To be continued.

We’re Back!

Greetings from Team Atharv!

It’s been almost a year since Rahul Subramanian tickled our bones and Teri Meko and Zayden got us on the dance floor. A year since we witnessed the largest fest in central india come to life. Now, the gears have started turning, we’re only getting warmed up. Get ready for the next edition of Atharv!

Over the years, since it was begun in 2014, we have strived for nothing but improvement. Be it introducing new events or pulling of interesting themes, we’ve tried to make this an experience to remember for all our participants. This year, we hope for nothing else.

This year, we’ve not only introduced some exciting events, but we’ve also taken a new turn. Coming straight to the streets, Atharv this year aims to celebrate street cultures of various places. Be it the music of New York or the chaats of Mumbai, Atharv’18 is ready to paint you in the colour of your choice!

From ManLit to Cultural events, be ready to expect a tough fight this year. A fest that pulled off a footfall of over 30k, is now going to get bigger and better. This year, come join us for a newer and a more exhilarating experience.

Stay tuned for a sneak peek into Atharv’18!

We can’t wait to have you!